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All SMP appointments require a mandatory consultation before booking

Fact = There is no "real" solution to defying balding, or getting hair to regrow by topical solutions or by transplant.  Those are billion dollar “snake oil” industries.  Even if you receive a transplant, you are continuously loosing testosterone with age, so the balding process never ends which means, a transplant done this year will not be suffice 2 or 3 years from now as your hair density continually diminishes.  Hair loss is genetic and accompanies aging just like stamina and energy.  Embrace change and a new phase in life along with a new look!  A full head of hair was your past, just like immaturity.  Shed your hair and the old you, and embrace a new you you’ll come to love!   Less hassle, less paranoia, and more time to just get up and go!  Freedom…loose the hair piece, color in products, comb overs and caps and discover “low cut cool”!

Scalp Micro pigmentation

The only nonsurgical and realistic alternative solution to balding is the process of replicating tiny hair pores/follicles by hundreds of tattooed permanent ink micro dots impressed into the scalp's surface to cover and camouflage bald or thinning hair areas.  The dots cast a shadow that resembles hair stubble, or low “peach fuzz”, "crew cut" hair style, and ultimately a denser hair look that restores a more full hair appearance.  The most important factor is the cosmetic appearance of the hair’s edge, or hairline which balances the face out and eliminates a “deficient” look. SMP is beneficial to women as well who experience "thinning" hair, as a permanent volume "filler" that camouflages the thinning hair areas due to skin ailments (Alopecia), medical conditions (Thyroids), hereditary aging or damage from distress caused by hair styling procedures. Last, it is a great method to camouflage "hair transplant scars"!

Goal Line




 If you are researching methods to salvage your hair loss, you probably have researched literally every procedure, and or product to fill in or camouflage your hair loss areas and receding hair line.  You may have conceded to balding and shaved your head, but may not like the clean bald look if your head isn’t a flattering shape.  In all frank honesty, a mangy head of hair looks WAY worse than a bald head.  In denial we don't think so, but a bald head looks esthetically neat and youthful, while a mangy head of hair looks aged and unhealthy!  So the first advice I give men is that a bald head is the best remedy to balding, but if you can't stand your head shape or your self image bald, then creating an esthetically balanced HAIR look is the next best thing.  The human face is sectioned into 3 identically aesthetic portions.  The portions measure from 1. The Hairline to the eyebrow, 2. From the eyebrow to the bottom of the nose, and 3. From the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin.  Try it, take 4 fingers, your pointer to your pinky and measure those 3 portions of your face. Those 3 areas should be the EXACT width!  When the hair line fades back, the balance of the face’s features get disproportioned visually.  In addition, ultimately hair loss is attributed to "old age".  Fortunately, these days, low "buzz" cuts are in style as a sexy, youthful, brawny look, so the main thing a balding head needs is the hairline restored to balance out and define the face and then filling the bald area gives perceived volume. This is the "GOAL LINE"!


GOAL = My goal with any client  that doesn't desire to be bald is to restore their face’s character as well as their self confidence and esteem by "dressing up" their head, especially if the side and back hair still grows and creates the classic "horse shoe" (Homie The Clown) constant shadow!  So many men seek this solution but still aren't ready to let go of HAVING HAIR! They get the procedure and then try and go home and grow back hair length but don't realize that SMP with lengthy hair creates 2 different noticeable dimensions and looks odd!  Once you decide to do SMP, you have to be at peace with no longer having your old head of hair look, and be ready to embrace an entirely new stylish look of a macho crew cut!  My most important point to drive home with a client is to embrace change and build a new image that will ultimately look younger, smoother and more stylish!


LINE = The recreation of the scalp's hair follicle pores, and the hair's edge or hairline is what esthetically balances the face proportionately giving a stylish, balanced and youthful appearance.  The hairline and where it is located on your forehead largely coincides with a man's age. As you age, your hair's edge line erodes.  A definitive hair line looks healthy and to onlookers appears as though your short hair appearance is a choice of style and not hair loss by default!


OVERVIEW:  The 1st step is your decision to take the leap of faith into a new esthetic image!  Then schedule your free consultation where I will consult with you about everything concerning your hair and lack there of!  Career, job, social life, image, health, self esteem and style all are considered in order to determine if SMP is for you in order to gauge your realistic expectations and SMP subjectively.  You will be 1 of the following candidates depending on the amount of inherent male pattern baldness you are experiencing and where. FULL CROWN, FRONT PORTION,  REAR CROWN, HAIR LINE, SCAR CAMOUFLAGE.  Each area has a particular cost prorated by service time, area size, and product consumption that will be determined at your consultation.  A consultation is scheduled up to 30 min long but Plan for up to four separate 4hr sessions for the actual treatment once scheduled depending on the area and size.  Depending on your profession, or scheduled events, plan on the transition's change in your appearance to being a low, bald crew cut.  If you wear a tupa, you can wear it on top of the treatments until it is done, a hat depending on your level of comfort.  

TERMS & CONDITIONS:  All scheduled appointments require a 50% deposit.  You will be allowed to reschedule any of your 4 appointments for the process a total of 3 times.  After the 3 cancellation you will be charged an extra $150 per appointment.  Routinely, the process should take a total of 4 appointments over a months time, any process that exceeds 2 months after the 1st treatment due to cancellations and rescheduling can be discontinued at our discretion without refund.  The balance of the total cost shall be due upon 2nd appointment.  After 1st appointment, there will be no refunds of any monies from that point on.  If you desire to make any adjustments that differ from the original mutually agreed schematics of the end look, we will allow one free 4 hour session to make adjustments, provided they are esthetically possible, within a 1 visit amount of time, and not far deviant from the originally agreed SMP pattern.

SMP example
goal line smp consultation

All candidates for GOAL LINE SMP treatment must 1st undergo a 30 min free consultation that explains the procedure, prep care, after care, expectations, and possibilities according to each individual client's condition. 

GoalLine Head chart_edited.jpg
back areas
a & b/ b & c

The simulation of natural hair pores is performed on back area A & B of the illustration.

GoalLine Head chart_edited.jpg
GoalLine Head chart_edited.jpg

The simulation of natural hair pores is performed on areas A, B, C & D of the illustration + scar camouflage.

The simulation of natural hair pores is performed on the head's full top surface.  (Areas A, B, C & D)

GoalLine Head chart_edited.jpg
frontal areas c & D
GoalLine Head chart_edited.jpg

The simulation of natural hair pores is performed on the head's front surface and hairline.  (Areas C & D)

GoalLine Head chart_edited.jpg
hairline edge area D
GoalLine Head chart_edited.jpg
hair transplant scar camouflage

The simulation of natural hair pores is performed only on area D.  This is the hairline and is performed to strengthen the hair's edge to look crisper, fuller and healthier.

A large % of men who seek SMP have already gone through hair transplant which has left a scar in the base of their head which they desire to disguise with hair follicle replication that blends the scar into the rest of the head's hair pores.

full top +
scar camouflage

Coming In Future

full scalp top
crown area "a"

The simulation of natural hair pores is performed only on area A of the illustration. In this case a client has a full head of hair and experiences hair loss just in the crown area and wishes to disguise and blend the area with the rest of the natural hair.

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