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BROWDOC is a sole proprietor, professional Aesthetic licensed practice (Ga. & Tx.) in the business of bringing out and accenting nuances of beauty that are the essential highlight features of your appearance!  I serve both male and female clients, specializing in hair removal with a focus on eyebrow grooming while caring for the skin beneath.  In addition, eyebrow and scalp micropigmentation, better know as tattooing whereby a lack of hair follicles and strands are artistically replicated and enhanced by ink via electronic pen.   I have 25 years experience in business and hang my hat on a professional, dependable, accountable operation, and a private personal environment, topped off by impeccable results, and an elite experience! 

My approach is a meticulous architectural like, artistic skill set that emphasizes healthy, natural, subtle results tailored to each client as individuals which set me far apart from the average "hair removal" nail shop, threading facility or spa result.  Having serviced thousands of clients from LA to NY to Atlanta, to Texas, the greatest reward above all, is being the cause of smiles and an elevated self esteem!

"Nobody is perfect, however I can help you perfect YOU!"

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