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Brow Shaping
15 w/ appt  20 w/o
Brow tint/lighten/color
Pomade filler
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Brow Shaping 
tint/lighten/color combo

Men & Women's Eyebrows are repaired, restored & refined to their fullest, healthiest potential shaped to compliment you as an individual.  Eye Brows become Eye WOWS!


Parent & child under 20 yrs old save $5

$20 each additional child.

Eyebrow color is changed darker or lighter, brought up in shade to soften your look or match brown or auburn hair with a color or bleach agent.

Save $ when you go the distance by tinting, coloring or highlighting your brows along with a signature therapy session!

Brow Hot Oil Therapy 
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Slow Grow  
Service Side Serum

Slow Grow Serum is massaged in beneath

the brows after they are arched to extend the length of time of the arch lasts before new growth begins.


A 5 blend essential natural oil cocktail is massaged into damaged or healthy brow area, topped off with a layer of warm paraffin wax to penetrate the oil deeply into the skin to induce blood flow while nourishing the skin and brow hair further facilitate hair regrowth.


BROW Therapy


EYELASH Enhancement

Strip eyelashes
Individual cluster
Eyelash Color/Tint

Strip lashes are individual strands of hair bound together by a synthetic band creating a perfectly tapered entire row of lashes that are adhered on top of your lashes and against the eyelid.  Best for events and photography.  Can't be wet or slept directly on!  See "FYI" for care. 

Individual Cluster Lashes are 3 strands of hair bound together that are lined side by side along the top of your natural lash.  These are best for clients who lack lash density or volume and are used for long term wear.  They are not as flawless as strips as they are only as level or consistent as your natural lash!  They can last a day to a month depending on clients "lifestyle"! Individuals cannot get wet or be slept directly on.


Clients who have blonde or light colored eyelashes can have them darkened brown or black to cosmetically enhance their eye character!


Lip Wax

Remove unwanted hair from lips surface.  Eliminates the look of a shadowed lip area and allows for a smoother make up application.

Neck Wax

This is from where the neck begins under the chin down to the collar bone.

side burn/cheek wax

Removing unsightly, unwanted hair beside the ear area to jaw line.



Remove unwanted, unsightly outer and inner ear hair growth.


Under Arm Wax
Cleavage wax

Stay baby bottom smooth

Removing unsightly, unwanted hair in the cleavage area that allows you to wear

low cut fashion tops.

Chin Wax
Jawline wax

Removing unsightly, unwanted hair below the lip to the top of the neck line.


temple wax

Removing unsightly, unwanted hair underneath and along side of the jaw bone.


Removing unsightly, unwanted hair beside the hairline on the temple area.


Save $25 when removing all unsightly, unwanted facial hair areas and  then throw in the brows. Separate cost = $95!


Remove unwanted, unsightly nostril hair growth.


EYEBROW Tattooing

eyebrow tattoo
eyebrow tattoo filler
eyebrow tattoo

All tattooing clients must first undergo a 30min consultation that explains the procedure, prep care, after care, expectations, and possibilities according to skin's and hair's condition. 
Disclosure:  More than likely, I will not do retouches, touch ups, or recoloring from already tattooed brows that were NOT done by me originally unless it's just been years and they are close to faded away.

Filler is for the client who has eyebrows but may be thin, or they just desire a darker, fuller appearance to substitute for brow make up daily.  This is done by single needle electric permanent make up pen.  The procedure may require 2-3 sessions over a 6 week period!

Partial set is for the client whose eyebrows may be damaged or lacking in an area and desires to have them cosmetically balanced out and symmetrically evened by single needle electric permanent make up pen.  The procedure may require 2-3 sessions over a 6 week period!

eyebrow tattoo
full set

Full set is for the client who lacks eyebrows and desires to have a full cosmetically enhanced set of brows front to back, top to bottom by single needle electric permanent make up pen.  The procedure may require 2-3 sessions over a 6 week period!

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