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Policies Procedures

After 20 years in business, I realize that in order to sustain consistent business order, rules and procedures of operation must be established and maintained so that all clients receive equal quality of service, the business doesn't suffer due to client abuse, and the client has a standard to hold the business to.  For these reasons the following policies and procedures must exist.


*The responsibility of appointments are made, rescheduled and canceled by the client.  None of the aforementioned are done by phone or by me. All appointments are done online by the client.  In the event that I have to cancel an appointment due to scheduling, I will notify the client by text message and email.  If I am absent from a scheduled appointment without notice, the client will be contacted and discounted their initial deposit towards their next rescheduled appointment.


*Because appointment time blocks represent potential earnings, and the misuse of them can result in monetary loss, all appointments require a depositDeposits are non refundable, but can be applied to a new appointment balance if the initial appointment is canceled up to 2 hours before its scheduled time.  If a client fails to cancel an appointment (not by phone or message, but by cancelling it themselves online) and doesn't show up the same day as scheduled appointment, their deposit is lost all together and can't be applied to any future appointment or refunded.  A canceled or rescheduled appointment 2 hours prior to the original appointment time, that deposit will be deducted from the next rescheduled appointment total.  A client may show up late anytime of the same appointment day before closing without penalty, but will be worked in as a walk-in and seen after the last person, scheduled or walk-in, who arrived before them.


*Due to limited suite size and work space, no children, or any guest/s of clients can accompany them to service suite or aboard mobile unit unless the client physically needs assistance.  If client insists on having a "guest/s" (anyone other than themselves), a $5 "sitting fee" surcharge per guest will be added to the final service cost. 

*No pets, food or drinks except water are allowed in service suite or aboard mobile unit.


*I work by appointment, but walk-ins are welcome. Phone calls inquiring about my availability, or alerting me of an non booked arrival time does not constitute an appointment without being on the days schedule via online booking.   Appointments take precedence over all walk-ins and walk-ins aren't guaranteed service if I am not present during non appointment times.  Walk-ins are seen on a 1st sign in, 1st serve basis.  


*There is absolutely no cell phone usage while being serviced (texting, talking, or blue tooth) as this is a personal distraction and causes facial movements.

*All sales of services, products and retail are final without refund.

*I reserve the right to deny any service to a client for any reason.

*Damage or loss to suite or mobile property will be charged to the responsible client, and as well, the client assumes the responsibility of any damage repair or replacement cost caused by their guest.


Any clients using topical over the counter or prescribed facial medication or soaps for acne, skin discoloration and lightening that contain the  ingredients ALPHA HYDROXY, RETINOL, RETIN A, HYDRA QUINONE cannot receive eyebrow or facial waxing services.  These products make the skin thin and dry and waxing will cause bruising, burning and scabbing.

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