Actual BROWDOC clients 100% natural brows 0 makeup 0 tattoos

Mobile Eyebrow Services

Actual BROWDOC clients 100% natural brows 0 makeup 0 tattoos

Mobile Eyebrow Services

Rules & Regulations

BROWDOC operates 100% mobile.  It is advised that you check the location schedule to know work dates and location! Due to the Covid19 outbreak, BROWDOC operates under STRICT rules, regulations and procedures to insure optimal client safety. A totally "disposable" service is used so that no supply is used twice or shared.  YOU MUST BE WEARING A MASK TO BE SERVICED!  Only 2 people are permitted inside at one time, one being serviced and one waiting. Only clients being serviced may be onboard. No guest, friends, co-workers, siblings or children! The station is disinfected after each client, and the entire interior every 2 hours. A hospital grade solution is used to disinfect, as well as the air being purified constantly by Ozonator machine.

I will be wearing gloves and mask. Appointments are serviced before walk-ups. Appointments are granted a 10 grace period before you are re-categorized as a walk-in and seen in walk-in order. Upon arriving, text your name and appointment time or "walk in" to (512) 982-1014 and you will receive a return text when it is time to board the facility. Safe, professional, immaculate brow care and beauty is my mission!     

The Mobile shop has been temporarily suspended. Clients will be seen at the Sha Mari Salon Location in Publix Plaza on Panola Rd. Stonecrest just south of I-20


Locaton Schedule

To find the mobile brow service's detailed schedule information, click on the date & location listed.  

The Mobile shop has been temporarily suspended. Clients will be seen at the

Sha Mari Salon Location in Publix Plaza

on Panola Rd. Stonecrest just south

of I-20 Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays only.

*NO FOOD or DRINKS on  trailer
*NO CHILDREN OR FRIENDS, only client BEING SERVICED. Limited space and weight limit!
*Payment Method:  CASHAPP, VENMO, ZELLE, CREDIT, DEBIT CARDS. Exact cash only.



*Brow wax 15

*Brow Wax & Pomade filler 25 

*Brow Tint 20

Brow wax & Tint 30 

*Brow Lightener/Color 20  


*Strip Lashes 15


*Lip wax 10 *Chin wax 10 

*Neck 10  *Jaw 10 *Side burn 10 

*Full Face + Brows 50






BROWDOC is an Aesthetic service business that specializes in eyebrow styling, repair, rehabilitation and restoration.  Established in 1999, BROWDOC has been an industry high standard of professional service in Atlanta Ga.  BROWDOC is licensed in Ga. and TX. and holds certifications in Electrolysis, Permanent make up and advanced ethnic skin care.  Founded by licensed Esthetician Jeffrey Stewart, BROWDOC is credited for serving clients all over the country, including dignitaries, athletes, the music, TV and Hollywood community, but still his loyal, long term Georgia clients are revered as his real stars!

BROWDOC started as IMAGEACCENTS, the original concept as a clinic for men's shaving skin disorders, but after being recruited into the eyebrow and eyelash field while in school by women salon owners, Jeffrey's intricate sketching and drawing artistic abilities found  a home, and women's faces would be the canvas.  Shortly 4 years after completing school and opening a skin care spa, it would soon be over flowing with eyebrow clients who only insisted on only Jeffrey's care. Quickly after accumulating an overwhelming demand, profit margin and a meticulous surgeon like approach to brows and lashes, soon the shaving clinic and the "brow man" became BROWDOC!

The mission of BROWDOC is to provide the highest level of care to the face and skin, by constantly staying knowledgable of techniques, procedures and products, while approaching the practice with pride, integrity and a passion for excellence as a sound business and a phenomenal experience clients.

If you are tired of the same average Nail Shop, Threading experience that leaves you with short, flattened, "half moon", thin brows that seem to be fading away and you've never seen them even or the same, then I invite you to BROWDOC, a world of a difference, and a world of symmetry, balance and natural, flawlessness without being a slave to make up or desperate to Tattoo your face!


Actual 100% natural clients, no make up, no tattoos

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-Can I grow brows if I never had any?

Brows are hereditary and either you have them or you don’t.  If

you once had brows but the deteriorated over time, it is possible

to re-grow them over time.

-Can I get a permanent arch?

No method (Electrolysis, Laser) is safe enough to remove hair

around the eye area being that the skin is so sheer in that area,

that damage or injury is highly likely.

-Can I be allergic to any type of wax? 

Highly unlikely!  Wax does not cause skin disorders…poor technique does.  Honey wax is the generic wax used in hair removal.  Other than Honey, are more advanced ingredients that are less harsh on the skin and therapeutic, but as far as an "allergy", is hardly ever the problem.  So you are more than likely allergic to that individual who provided your service!  If you experience scabbing, burns or small white bumps after a brow waxing, that is your body sending sebum or puss) to the surface of the skin to cool down a traumatized area of the skin’s surface.  If you smell wax cooking, or its consistency is like water get up!

-Who should perform waxing or any brow services?

• By state law, a person should possess a license and or certificate in Cosmetology, Barbering or Esthetics.  In each of these fields, individuals are trained in removing hair.

• FYI: Nail technicians do not hair removal as part of their curriculum and are not trained in this specialty so “let the buyer beware!






To date, nail shops are doing the majority volume of eyebrow waxing across the country. Not because they are the best place to get it done, but because it is the most convenient one stop option after getting your nails done, and the cheapest option for the beauty frugal! I can't control how you value your appearance as it relates to cost, or how you value your time as it relates to convenience, all I can do is educate you, so you like most who think brow waxing or threading is all the same, realize that it sure enough isn't, and back it with facts and examples.

Here's why you wouldn't... 1. you wouldn't because they are trained in making beautiful nails, not hair, AND 2. you wouldn't because your "style" is culturally influenced is it not?
1. Nail Manicurist ARE NOT taught brow waxing as part of their education training.
2. Culturally Asian beauty "style" ideals are not the same

So for the same reasons you won't get your hair done in a nail shop, you will regarding your brows!🤔

In a nut shell, don't believe me, do your own research! Google "Asian beauty" and behold what you discover! Every culture has it's "ICONIC" model of beauty. For African Americans it's Beyoncé to Miss Universe Catriona Gray, for Latinos it's Salina, Shakira, J'Lo, for Caucasians it's Marilyn Monroe to Cindy Crawford, and Asians historically still have Geisha Girl look as their standard! So in conclusion when you are being groomed by someone who culturally aren't hairy people, your beautiful thick full brows will then be seen as excessive. The length too long, the height too high, the width too wide, and any downward 45 degree angle tail unattractive. Geisha girls all have straight, short, thin and slightly angled downward brows. No curves or height. This is the culturally engrained image of the proper look that your brows undergo when done at nail shops...not all, but MOST! Besides that, there's the skin's safety and care aspect to not take lightly. Cosmetologists and Estheticians, like myself, are trained in hair removal and skin care, nail techs are not. If you are or have experienced bruising, burn, swelling or white little bumps after your service, that's not allergies to wax, that is trauma, injury to the skin. Wax should be gummy lukewarm, not hot! If you smell wax cooking, you are about to be burned!



Shop location: Sha Mari Salon

3047 Panola Rd. Stonecrest GA. 30038 Publix Plaza


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